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This is a blog dedicated to my ideas. Here you'll get a glimpse of the many creative things that flow through my mind. It's a multimedia journey of pure mental randomness. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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The Makeshift Man
Issue 1 - “Black Dog”
Front Cover
JoJo Seames




That’s right, everyone: the first installment of the Skater X saga by me, joebloodyhunter and twobitjusticeleague (with a logo design by bigredrobot) begins today, and it can be yours on Comixology for only 99¢! It’s our riff on tokusatsu and teen drama, with all the McTwisting, rail grinding and nose manuals that you need to make your life a little more rad. Here’s what you need to know:

Written by:Chris Sims
Art by:Joe Hunter
Lettered by:Josh Krach
By:Dylan Todd
Price: $0.99
Available: Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sequence 01:The Break-Fist Club
KICKFLIP INTO ACTION! Ramp City High School has a big problem: students are turning into monsters whenever they’re faced with stress — and for teenagers, there’s stress around every corner. Good thing skateboard champ Theo and tech whiz Ria are there to stop them, but when the mid-term menace of Testor tears up the library, will they be thrashed before they even start?

Grab it right now and spread the word!

Hey! Look! Available now! You look nice today!

(via jojoseames)



A crew of TIME-SPACE CADETS blessed with expendable potential, led by the punk-rocking, chain-smoking, sailor-mouthed CAPTAIN ROXY VALENTINE, has been assembled for a dangerously experimental mission. SABOTAGE leaves them stranded with a ship that can only travel one…


Did I mention that you can get my Fishbird comicbook (for mature readers only!) as a physical book, now? Because you can. You totally can.

It’s only $12 + shipping (and you can also get it signed and even sketched if you’d like) via my Etsy store. I ship everywhere.


A collection of sketches, doodles, and wip pics from my Twitter.

Panels, a community celebrating comics, the people who make them, and the people who love them, is launching soon. Check it!


Since the last batch of requesters never got back to me, I’m re-opening these but now with more options.

I’m offering commission slots for each coloring/clean up style below (i.e. Line and flats, rendered cell shaded and full render painting) of a single bust of a character. Add $12, $24 and…



A poster I drew of the Nominions from Smorgasbord Squad getting ready to brawl. For more info on how to get a print, check out the Not So Super Kickstarter! There’s a ton of other cool backer rewards including print versions of all of the Not So Super Comics and even custom art!

Help support some indie comics, you guys!


Not So Super Kickstarter!

Hey guys, as you may or may not know, I recently illustrated half of a comic written by Jaques Nyemb called Smorgasbord Squad. It’s a fun, action comic about a group of food themed super heroes! Reviewers have been saying it’s reminiscent of 90s cartoons (which is the highest compliment known to man)

Currently Jaques is doing a Kickstarter for Smorg as well as two other comics: Not So Super and This Bites.

By supporting this Kickstarter you can get digital copies of these comics, printed versions, behind the scenes extras, and custom portrait avatars by yours truly and the other talented artists behind these comics. (The last image of this post art samples of those)

Please check out the Kickstarter and buy some not so super cool comics!


Jacques Nyemb from Not So Super Comics talks about his love for the medium and his aspiration to produce more books.

video produced by brando432


Sharing this from DeviantArt cause the details are super tiny.

This is a piece for Jacques Nyemb’s Smorgasbord Squad!!!
Check out this and more of Jacques’ creations on his facebook page



A sneak peak of something awesome coming soon! 



Hey everyone! I started a Patreon page to hopefully help fund my comics and illustrations. The money I make off of this campaign would be used to print more mini comics, make more merch, and attend more cons as well as pay for art supplies.

The rewards for patronage include exclusive access to my sketches, stickers, a custom portrait, and signed copies of my comic.

Even if you can’t donate, please check and share the page/video! Thank you!

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