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This is a blog dedicated to my ideas. Here you'll get a glimpse of the many creative things that flow through my mind. It's a multimedia journey of pure mental randomness. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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Since the last batch of requesters never got back to me, I’m re-opening these but now with more options.

I’m offering commission slots for each coloring/clean up style below (i.e. Line and flats, rendered cell shaded and full render painting) of a single bust of a character. Add $12, $24 and…



A poster I drew of the Nominions from Smorgasbord Squad getting ready to brawl. For more info on how to get a print, check out the Not So Super Kickstarter! There’s a ton of other cool backer rewards including print versions of all of the Not So Super Comics and even custom art!

Help support some indie comics, you guys!


Not So Super Kickstarter!

Hey guys, as you may or may not know, I recently illustrated half of a comic written by Jaques Nyemb called Smorgasbord Squad. It’s a fun, action comic about a group of food themed super heroes! Reviewers have been saying it’s reminiscent of 90s cartoons (which is the highest compliment known to man)

Currently Jaques is doing a Kickstarter for Smorg as well as two other comics: Not So Super and This Bites.

By supporting this Kickstarter you can get digital copies of these comics, printed versions, behind the scenes extras, and custom portrait avatars by yours truly and the other talented artists behind these comics. (The last image of this post art samples of those)

Please check out the Kickstarter and buy some not so super cool comics!


Jacques Nyemb from Not So Super Comics talks about his love for the medium and his aspiration to produce more books.

video produced by brando432


Sharing this from DeviantArt cause the details are super tiny.

This is a piece for Jacques Nyemb’s Smorgasbord Squad!!!
Check out this and more of Jacques’ creations on his facebook page



A sneak peak of something awesome coming soon! 



Hey everyone! I started a Patreon page to hopefully help fund my comics and illustrations. The money I make off of this campaign would be used to print more mini comics, make more merch, and attend more cons as well as pay for art supplies.

The rewards for patronage include exclusive access to my sketches, stickers, a custom portrait, and signed copies of my comic.

Even if you can’t donate, please check and share the page/video! Thank you!

Review — Smörgåsbord Squad #1


Review — Smörgåsbord Squad #1

Smörgåsbord Squad #1, Wood CoverJacques Nyemb recently presented us with  Smörgåsbord Squad#1, available now from Not So Super Comics. Thumbing through the pages, the first thing that struck me was the switch in style from the first half to the second. Nyemb wrote both stories for this issue, but split the artistic duties. Justin Wood illustrated the first story, with lettering by Marc Jackson. The second half was illustrated…

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Small Thing

Here’s the first half of my latest mini-comic which is about being a small thing in a big world. The whole comic is 13 pages long and you can download it from Gumroad for a buck! Please check it out!


A sneak peek at the mini-comic I’m working on right now! It’s about a tiny girl trying to figure some stuff out.

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The Black Box Interview

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Co-founder of Action Lab Entertainment, Shawn Pryor, on his podcast The Black Box.  

It was a very fun interview and I appreciate having the opportunity to talk about making comics, my life and the awesome people who make this possible.

So sit back, relax and listen to my smooth nasally voice

A while back I mentioned working on a comic called Smörgåsbord Squad with 2 talented artists  Justin Wood and Kayla Miller

Well here is  the first page from the origin story.

Keep your eyes peeled as to when the book is ready to be sold. 

In the meantime read the first 5 pages and let us know what you think! 

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