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A while back I mentioned working on a comic called Smörgåsbord Squad with 2 talented artists  Justin Wood and Kayla Miller

Well here is  the first page from the origin story.

Keep your eyes peeled as to when the book is ready to be sold. 

In the meantime read the first 5 pages and let us know what you think! 


So…I was looking for something good to hook up my lovely 2,000 Tumblr followers with and I decided to see if this wonderful old link still worked…it does.

I now present to you, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, a free copy of Princeless #1 for you perusal!

We’ll cook up a few more things too, but make sure you share this one, because I’m not shy about giving away a comic book if it means bringing in a few more Princeless fans!

(via princelesscomic)


YOU HEARD RIGHT! 20 DOLLAS MAKES ME HOLLA FOR ME TO DRAW YOU A COOL 400x400 Icon which includes a 200x200, 100x100, and 50x50 sized versions in PNG format!!! Just email me your info and pay me upfront and we’re golden! ;0

The friends above in order are! 
ettubrandon, kirbopher, vicehii
causeimdanjones, dashawnmahone, scrotumnose
puccadraws, michysoong, shnikkles
nackem, forosha, paperboxarthouse
heabuur, viruul, onihat



Hey guys! I’ve submitted a design to the We Love Fine t-shirt design contest! If it wins, I get to be considered to be a permanent artist on the Mighty Fine team which would be A REALLY HUGE BOON. Please help me out by rating my design! You only have to do it once and it’d mean the world to me! 

Also so would reblogging this so that more people can see it! Seriously, it would be a HUGE favor. 



Cartoonist George Gant, shared with us this JAW DROPPING piece of fan art featuring all of the characters in the Not So Super Comics universe.

He also has been kind enough to allow us to give it away as wallpaper to grace your computer monitor.  

Go show your appreciation by checking out his comic strip On the Grind and check out his other links below. 

Buy his book

Download Wallpaper

1920 x 1200
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900



Two quick drawings of the main characters from my comic Creep


We’ve got some awesome comics for you to check out!

Not So Super

This Bites

Smörgåsbord Squad

Learn more at!

We’ve been working very hard on yet another comic book. It’s called the Smörgåsbord Squad. 

Story 1: Hasenpfeffer USA is a beautiful city. But its charm fades when feuding enemies, food costumed vigilante group, the Smörgåsbord Squad and the evil H.U.N.G.E.R. Pack take their battles to the streets. Written by Jacques Nyemb, Illustrated by Justin Wood and lettered by Marc Jackson.

Stay Tuned we also have an origin story as well, illustrated by Kayla Miller

Being a #comics writer is so much fun…coming up with an idea and getting this back is so rewarding. #makingcomics


Hey! Here’s the second half of my process tutorial, you can find the first part here: Inking Tutorial

You can also find a larger and clearer version of this tutorial on my Deviant Art.

Once again, if you have any questions feel free to send me an ask or tweet @Kayke

What are your commission prices, please?



JoJo Seames’ Commission Information
~ for general edification ~

Prices in US $, shipping is $5 or more depending on size and location.
All listed prices are for private, non-commercial use. (Please contact for inquiries as to commercial image commissioning and/or licensing.)

Pencil sketch, no background: $10

Convention-style ink & watercolor quickie: $10

Pencil sketch, with background: $15

Ink drawing, no background, 9 x 12 or smaller: $25

Ink drawing, background, 9 x 12 or smaller: $35

Ink drawing, no background, 11 x 14 — 11 x 17: $35

Ink drawing, background, 11 x 14 — 11 x 17: $45

Ink drawing with digital color, no background, 9 x 12 or smaller - $50

Ink drawing with digital color, background, 9 x 12 or smaller - $70

Ink drawing with digital color, no background, 11 x 14 — 11 x 17: $80

Ink drawing with digital color, background, 11 x 14 — 11 x 17: $100

Watercolor painting, 9 x 12 or smaller: $75

Watercolor painting, 11 x 14 — 11 x 17: $120

Sequential page, pencils and inks: $50

Sequential page, pencils and inks and colors and letters: $100

Time to celebrate! 

The Not So Super comic is now on comiXology.

Find out for yourself what all the hubbub is all about. You won’t be sorry!

About the Comic:

Daniel is a 30 something bachelor who lives in a world where the mild-mannered receive little attention. Each day constantly speeds by and all he sees in his immediate future in an eternal state of bachelorhood and entrapment by the company’s smart phone.

One day his life takes a weird turn when he wakes up with a random assortment of powers. The list of powers grows and Daniel never knows when they appear or disappear. None of the powers are particularly helpful to him and they find ways to inconvenience him at every turn. As a matter of fact, we see his life spiral into sheer chaos as he maneuvers in our unforgiving, modern world as he tries to figure out what made him this way.

Daniel’s story is very relatable in a sense. It forces us to take a look at our own hectic lives and realize that we all have something that makes us “Super” but we never attain the status of Super Hero because we tend to see “Super” as a colossal burden.

Written by Jacques Nyemb and Illustrated by Joe Hunter


Hey everyone!

I’m getting ready for my first 2014 convention circuit and need to save up some funds to get Not So Super comics debuted properly. That means getting comics printed, banners designed, flyers, cards and trinkets. You know the deal. 

Let’s be honest, I’m jealous of you awesome artists. I, being a writer, can’t commission out that skill to raise funds, but I can do some pretty mean graphic design. So I want to offer up my logo making skills at the unheard of price of $40 to reach my funding goal.


When I devour comics, I wash them down with a tall glass of design. I’m a graphic/web designer by trade (so no worries about getting quality logos) and also the founder/writer for Not So Super Comics

You’ll get your final CUSTOM logo in color and black & white in 4 different file formats to fit your needs. (.jpeg, .png, .eps, .tiff)


  1. You ask me a question here detailing what you want in a logo, be sure to include: the text you want on the logo, colors, links of ideas, any other thoughts you may have and your email address. 
  2. If I can do it, I will send you a link to my order page
  3. You plunk down $40
  4. I get to designing and send it back to you within 72 hours
  5. You look it over, making sure things are spelled correctly and that the colors work well for you.
  6. I email you the finals
  7. You skip around joyfully because you just got an amazing CUSTOM logo for dirt cheap. 

Be warned there are some risks involved. For $40 I am treating these logos as quick art commissions. Being a design professional, if given enough good details, I can come up with a CUSTOM logo that will fit your needs. But once designed there will not be much back and forth. With the exception of misspellings and color issues you are subject to my choice. 

If you DO want to do some back and forth, NO WORRIES, I don’t mind. I’ll just need to add an additional $30 per hour spent.

I’m not going to do this often so take advantage of me while I need the cash! 


We got this FANTASTIC piece of animated .gif art for our This Bites comic. It was done by the incredibly talented Ekari!

Be sure to follow her awesomeness all over the web on:


About the Comic:

Jasper is a guy who works at a record shop. A vegan since birth, whose life gets shaken when he gets bitten by a Vampire. He finds himself with a HUGE dilemma of trying to maintain his lifelong Vegan lifestyle and fighting his newly acquired THIRST for blood. He embarks on a journey with the help of his AWESOME grandma, to fight his way to a cure and prepares himself for a showdown with the Vamp who bit him.

Still not impressed,read the first 5 pages


Oh! There are some print versions left, and did we mention they are made in the USA? 


Hey everyone,

We would like to share with you the first page from our upcoming comic Smörgåsbord Squad!


Hasenpfeffer USA is a beautiful city. But its charm fades when feuding enemies, food costumed vigilante group, the Smörgåsbord Squad and the evil H.U.N.G.E.R. Pack take their battles to the streets.

Smörgåsbord Squad is a comic by the Not So Super Comics publishing company. Its written by Jacques Nyemb, drawn by Justin Wood and lettered by Marc Jackson

(We’re also on Facebook…feel free to add us) 

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